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    M 10V 4A 2
    [past hour]
    GhostRider513 , 58, M, United States - see his 2 comments
    The picture quality is poor to fair. The sound is awful for the HDCAM V2 XviD - trying the other MKV video.
    M 2V 9A 9
    [2 hours ago]
    fusspot , 72, M, United Kingdom - see his 644 comments
    Not exactly the most intelligent plot of the year, but closer to the silliest one! Not the most coherent of films either. Two days into the searing desert with no water in sight and Eleanor's (V. Summer) makeup looks perfect as if it had just been slapped on. Oh, it survives longer than that. Jackson (Klein) wakes up the first morning in the desert after a night drinking on his own and he is roaring drunk. A plane flies over and drops a Scotch Bomb (aka a bottle of whiskey). He drinks that too and they set off again in their car to look for the German airman - he is driving and is stone-cold sober! Btw, loved Gen. Graves' (Oglesby) very phoney British accent! On the whole, very disappointing. I had been hoping for something better.
    [12 hours ago]
    hasitha , 30, M, Sri Lanka - see his 125 comments
    For subtitles Go to Subscene and search in name "Frantz"
    M 8V 8A 8
    [13 hours ago]
    brianczeck , 41, M, United States - see his 10 comments
    Funny movie. The characters react well with each other. I enjoyed watching this film. I liked it very much.
    M 8V 10A 10
    [14 hours ago]
    bobmaf , 37, M, United Kingdom - see his 3 comments
    Good film a little slow to start but a great ending and i would recommend watching
    M 9V 10A 10
    [15 hours ago]
    bobmaf , 37, M, United Kingdom - see his 3 comments
    excellent film Bruce willis takes the funny role for a change which works well
    Must watch film
    M 10V 10A 10
    [15 hours ago]
    bobmaf , 37, M, United Kingdom - see his 3 comments
    Brilliant film just like the old days.
    a very funny film
    must watch
    M 7V 1A 2
    [16 hours ago]
    rainiertx , 58, M, United States - see his 174 comments
    Don't mess with this. Part of the beginning is missing, the video and audio are poor quality. I did see the film at the theater and it wasn't bad. Perhaps a little better then average.
    M 9V 9A 9
    nnnnnddddd , 20, F, Philippines - see her 10 comments
    nice movie
    nih , 21, F, New Zealand - see her 2 comments
    imbd 5.6/10 - 2,376
    M 8V 10A 10
    fusspot , 72, M, United Kingdom - see his 644 comments
    Good movie. Good acting. Good plot. Nice scenery. Couple of unresolved isues in the story which could have been nicely tied up to complete it. On the whole, very enjoyable and quite tense and gripping. Recommended viewing. Sadly Bill Paxon's last. He died only a few months ago.
    M 7V 8A 8
    jungsith , 19, M, United States - see his 7 comments
    i liked the overall plot but the quality wasnt the best. still prefer the old version. subitles suck on this movie.
    M 8V 8A 9
    Rogerjr , 26, M, Sri Lanka - see his 309 comments
    Video seems more brighter. Gets interesting eventually.
    Serious story line. liked it.
    M 4V 10A 10
    Rogerjr , 26, M, Sri Lanka - see his 309 comments
    This reminds me of Forrest Gump but not that interesting though. Ends a bit better, but this is not my type of movie, sorry.
    M 10V 9A 9
    Tachi , 117, M, Japan - see his 19 comments
    Saw this in the cinema with my daughter and while she found some parts scary she loved it. Well worth a watch while it's still on the big screen :)
    M 2V 8A 8
    paganos , 49, M, Spain - see his 75 comments
    Bad. Based on terrorfying true events LOL. Yes Ravenswood is a real place and hororfying experiments were conducted there. It is the best part of the movie knowing a little history about Ravenswood but that is all. I would rather tell people to read the history than watch this movie.
    M 4V 5A 5
    Cerian , 37, M, United States - see his 130 comments
    A study of greed reasonable enough to watch.
    M 7V 9A 9
    SL1987 , 30, M, Belgium - see his 45 comments
    funny movie, action, sexual explicit
    M 5V 9A 9
    [2 days ago]
    teacherjuani , 58, F, Spain - see her 295 comments
    The plot is very interesting but it gets to a point where you get bored. Shame cause the actors are great!
    M 2V 10A 10
    [2 days ago]
    fusspot , 72, M, United Kingdom - see his 644 comments
    Only watched half the movie as I could not bear it any more. It's a Peeping Tom's dream of a film. I found myself being embarrassed at being party to spying on a family even though I recognised it's a movie. Satirical maybe, funny definitely not!
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